Our club

Come and enjoy all our trails and spaces! Combine your passion for sports with the enjoyment of nature in our facilities surrounded by a spectacular garden. Can you imagine playing tennis or paddle tennis under the shade of a palm tree? In our club it is possible. We also have a cafeteria and a sporting goods store. All designed to make you feel special and make the most of your free time. Join our sports community and discover a new lifestyle!

paddle tennis courts

We have taken care to the smallest detail, not only thinking about making the difference with the rest of the tennis and paddle centers, but we have thought about what is best for you and make the most pleasant moments of your day. We have thought of all these aspects so that you want to repeat them and you want to do it with us.

4 tracks

Top quality turf and tracks in ideal conditions. Come and try them and you will surely repeat.

ideal conditions

Fuchsia-colored turf and black enclosure to improve contrast, a better view of the ball and, consequently, a better quality of play.


The best tennis court surface is undoubtedly clay. It will require a greater physical effort and as it is a slow surface we have more reaction time so our strokes will be better and it will make us more pleasant the fact of playing tennis.


3 clay courts

The best for the joints of the lower limbs.

excellent location

Our slopes are located in a dream location, the constant sea breeze makes the thermal sensation always cooler.